Our Plumbing Leak Detector Team at Cape Shore Plumbing Uses the Latest Video, Ultrasonic and Infrared Technology in Locating Expensive Leaks in Your Plumbing System

Many plumbing leaks are located where you cannot see them. When you have pipes leaking underground, below your property’s foundation, or behind interior or exterior walls, and they are left untreated, they can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage if left untreated. Cape Shore Plumbing’s expert plumbing technicians use non-invasive, state-of-the-art leak detection equipment in order to accurately locate costly leaks in your plumbing system. By using camera views and camera inspections for leak detection, you can avoid digging up your property, inconvenience and . By utilizing our video, camera view, infrared and ultrasonic leak detection methods, we save you money, time, water, and unnecessary damage to your property.

At Cape Shore Plumbing we employ a number of high-tech methods for plumbing leak detection including:

  • Camera views of your plumbing and sewer lines
  • Camera inspection of your pipes
  • Ultrasonic technology that finds leaks using acoustical signals
  • Infrared technology that scans sewer and drain pipes for leaks

One Call to Cape Shore Plumbing is all You Need to Make for all Your Professional Plumbing Leak Detection Needs

Leak detection using the latest technology is imperative in determining whether there is a leak in your plumbing system underground or in an inaccessible location. Plumbing leaks can occur:

  • In your swimming pool or spa water system
  • Below your home’s foundation or concrete slab
  • In your lawn sprinkling system
  • In kitchen, bath or laundry room pipes
  • In your hot water heater’s plumbing system
  • Dishwasher plumbing system
  • Garbage disposal pipes
  • Refrigerator’s plumbing system, including ice maker

Cape Shore Plumbing resolves all your plumbing leak detection needs by first using sewer camera inspections, drain camera inspections, or camera pipe inspection to locate the nature and source of the problem. Our expert technicians determine the location of a leak by electronically pinpointing its source. With our highly sophisticated camera pipe inspections, we can accurately locate even the smallest pipe defect that is causing the leak.

 When you suspect a plumbing leak, fast action is necessary for professional diagnosis in order to avoid serious structural and other damage to your property

One call to Cape Shore Plumbing at (239) 677-9544, SWFL’s skilled leak detection specialists, as soon as you suspect that there is a leak in your plumbing system, guarantees that you have begun the process that will save you money, halt the potential destruction of your property, and restore your peace of mind. When a professional leak detector is required inside or outside your home or business, don’t delay. Make the call today.

 Preventative action is by far the best way to avoid serious issues.

Frequently asked questions

    Q. When I am in the laundry room and the water heater is operating, I hear a rumbling sound coming from the water heater. What could cause this??

    Q. I am hearing a whistle sound that seems to be connected to the plumbing system. It comes and goes at times, but I can't find the cause of it. Is my drain clogged ? What could cause this?

    Q. There are four people in our house, two adults and two teens. We are constantly running out of hot water. After a five-minute shower, the water starts to turn cold. This change occurred quite recently. Help!?

    Q. I have a foul odor coming from my garbage disposer. Do I need to use a drain cleaner? What can I do to eliminate this odor?

    Q.Recently my water bills appear to be rather high. None of the faucets appear to leak. Could it be a faulty drain valve? What else could contribute to a high water bill?

    Q. My shower head and faucet aerators have a buildup of a white substance around the area where the water comes out. Is there a quick faucet fix, or anything I can do other than replace them?

    Q. How often should I have my septic system inspected??

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