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Your business  your profits, your customers, and  your employees don’t need to suffer through the issues caused by slow or clogged drains or sewer pipes when we have expert one-day service ready to help no matter if it’s a main drain or branch coming off the main drain.  

We can expertly diagnose the problem as needed using video scoping and use those results to recommend and implement repairs or replacements. 

We’re a company you can trust to fix it properly the FIRST time and the price we quote to you at the beginning of the job is the price you’ll pay at the end of the job with no surprises in between. No job is too small or too big!

So when your business is dealing with a plumbing emergency, or you need to upgrade, we want to be your first call as our trucks are equipped with emergency parts, and a wide selection of specialized equipment for commercial plumbing needs. Cape Shore Plumbing has earned and continues to earn the trust of customers, by being committed to good craftmanship and prompt service. 

We give you an estimate you can rely on and no extra labor charge on weekends! Call Cape Shore Plumbing at  (239) 677-9544 Today!

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Frequently asked questions

    Q. When I am in the laundry room and the water heater is operating, I hear a rumbling sound coming from the water heater. What could cause this??

    Q. I am hearing a whistle sound that seems to be connected to the plumbing system. It comes and goes at times, but I can't find the cause of it. Is my drain clogged ? What could cause this?

    Q. There are four people in our house, two adults and two teens. We are constantly running out of hot water. After a five-minute shower, the water starts to turn cold. This change occurred quite recently. Help!?

    Q. I have a foul odor coming from my garbage disposer. Do I need to use a drain cleaner? What can I do to eliminate this odor?

    Q.Recently my water bills appear to be rather high. None of the faucets appear to leak. Could it be a faulty drain valve? What else could contribute to a high water bill?

    Q. My shower head and faucet aerators have a buildup of a white substance around the area where the water comes out. Is there a quick faucet fix, or anything I can do other than replace them?

    Q. How often should I have my septic system inspected??

What people are saying about
Cape Shore Plumbing

On March 6th, 2019, Cameron responded to our condo and evaluated and resolved several plumbing issues we had. He repaired (not replaced) our hot water heater and replaced the kitchen faucet and shut offs under the sink. He was VERY professional, efficient and a strong representative for your company. He was focused on each task and made it look easy. He was also meticulous in his clean up and patient addressing an "old man's" questions. 
We will not hesitate to recommend Cape Shore to our neighbors. 

J. Scon

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